Jabra G601-1 8050 Telephone/Computer Amp

DISCONTINUED – Refurbished products may be available

The GN8050 multimedia amplifier connects a headset to a PC and virtually any phone.

It enhances the quality of calls by reducing noise and providing a consistent, volume level for calls, and also enhances sound quality with PC-based voice applications.

Jabra GN8050 Multimedia Amplifier Features:

  • Multipurpose telephone/computer amplifier
  • Connects to virtually any desk phone
  • Triple functionality: volume, mute, headset/handset switch
  • Connects directly to computer sound card for easy PC-based IP telephony


  • Telephone/computer switch — allows for quick switching between calls and PC-based voice applications.
  • Universal plug-and-play compatibility — Plugs into any Sound Blaster-compatible PC soundcard.
  • Universal telephone compatibility — Works with just about any phone with a modular connector.
  • Voice compression — for a consistent, user-friendly volume level and top-of-the-line hearing protection.
  • Voice switching — helps reduce background noise.
  • Easy one-touch controls — Headset/handset switch, sliding volume control, clickless mute switch.
  • Extended battery life — through GN Netcom’s exclusive, user-selectable battery-save feature.

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