Jabra G601-2 8210 Digital Amp

DISCONTINUED – Refurbished products may be available


Through advanced digital technology, the GN8210’s auto-volume feature regulates incoming volume, reducing the need for callers to repeat themselves. Digital signal processing also cuts out incoming background noise even the sound of jet engines!

GN8210 features:

  • Digital technology – ensures protection against acoustic shock found with fax machines, or during network power surges. Plus, the technology delivers CD-quality sound through your headset.
  • Auto-volume adjustment – continuously regulates the incoming caller’s voice volume to a comfortable level, reducing the need for repetition and unnecessarily long or frustrating conversations.
  • Noise reduction – reduces white noise and caller background noise — so you can hear your caller better.
  • Choice of audio mode – enables users to choose between 3 different settings accommodating all preferences. Increases your comfort and call efficiency.
  • User-friendly controls – including a sliding volume control, a locking mute button, and a handset/headset switch.

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